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Swept Away Massage Therapy is a professional massage service for the Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Plano, Richardson, Addison, and North Dallas areas of North Texas. (Located in Frisco near Highway 121 & Preston Road.)  A variety of massage techniques are available, and a treatment program will be tailor made to best suit your specific needs. Contact me today for your appointment!

Available Services:

Myofacial Release
Sports Massage
Chronic Back
Pregnancy Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage
Infant Massage
Trigger Point *

Chair Massage *
Treatment for kids 8 years and older with ADD & ADHD *

Specializing in:

*Most popular treatments*


Office Visit:

30 Minutes                    Sorry, no discounts available on 30 minutes
60 Minutes
90 Minutes                    Highly recommended to achieve best results

At your Location:              
60 Minutes (Minimum)  

90 Minutes

15 mile radius for the above rates.  16 - 25 mile radius add

Chair Massage - $1.00 per minute/ 2 hour minimum

How to determine the time needed - examples:

In 30 minute sessions, I can do the following:

  • Relaxtion massage for the Back, Neck, Gluteal muscles (upon request), Thighs, Calves & Feet.  No trigger point or extra time to specific areas that require extra attention can be addressed.  Typically, 15 minutes is spent on the back and neck, and the rest of the time is divided for the above parts.
  • Rehabilitation massage to 1 area (knee, shoulder etc...) can be completed in this session.  This includes treating other affected muscles as time allows.
  • Complete back & neck treatment  in this session with some Trigger Point, Hot Stone, Myofacial Release work available.


In 60 minute sessions, I can do the following:

  • Relaxation Full Body Massage and upon request face, gluteals, and abdominals.  This massage is not for anyone that requires any extra attention to their backs, necks or other aches/ pains.  20 minutes is devoted to the back & neck. while dividing the remaining time to the other body parts (on average 2-3 minutes each small part- hands,  5-6 minutes large parts - legs).
  • Complete Massage Rehabilitation for old or new injury/ surgery/ accident etc...  In this session, up to 4 areas of concern are addressed.  We will trace through the body to find linking issues to find the core (the source) of your pain.  You will be assessed to determine what course of treatment/ action will correct your problem(s) to lessen your daily pain, achieve better fitness results, or better health overall.  A variety of techniques will be used.
  • Some full body work and some extra attention.  Unfortunately, as great as a 1 hour massage sounds, it really is not a whole lot of time.  In this session, I can mix relaxation, with some of the rehabilitative massage.  I can not do a full body and give extra attention, so if you would like the best of both worlds, we can massage the muscles that are causing pain/ discomfort and give you a relaxing massage for the remainder of the time.  Usually, the back side of the body is completed, leaving out the arms or legs and the front side.

In 90 minute sessions (THIS IS WHAT I PREFER & RECOMMEND)

  • Full Body Massage - as described above, longer averages for each muscle group.  45 minutes is dedicated to the back & neck.
  • Complete Rehabilitation Massage - the entire body will be addressed for the purposes of correcting any aches/ pains.
  • Full Body Massage with extra attention to 3-4 areas of concern.  THIS IS THE MOST POPULAR.

What to expect:
You will be taken to a treatment room, and asked to undress to your level of comfort and given privacy to do so. You will lie down on the table, under a full drape (linens). As you are being treated/ pampered, only that particular body part will be exposed (this will be re-draped upon completion). Draping is strictly enforced! Then, simply relax!

Acceptable forms of payment: CASH PREFERRED, paypal credit card payments, payal bank transfers. Paypal payments must be made in advance and are subject to additional fee. Checks will be accepted by established clients only.


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